App Review – Sonic Jump

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App Review – Sonic Jump

Today’s App review is Sonic Jump by SEGA.

This App was part of the free 12 days of Christmas goodies by iTunes and I have always been a big fan of Sonic so was happy to click that download button. However, there is a massive fail with this App that made me uninstall as quickly as I installed. The App can only be played vertically and horizontal rotation is disabled.
I find games like this are best played with thumbs and that is simple not possible with this and it makes it extremely difficult to play on an iOS device. Friendly game the same reason for uninstalling the App from their devices.

So while I can’t fault the game as I haven’t had a chance to play it through I have to beg SEGA to please please please allow the gameplay to be rotated so that users can be more confortable playing it.

For Sonic fans you can download the App from HERE