App Review – Special Enquiry Detail

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App Review – Special Enquiry Detail

Today’s App review is Special Enquiry Detail by G5 Games

I am a big fan of Big Fish Games and G5 games but they are expensive options at times but their quality is worth it and I have found  many other developers try to produce cheaper versions fail but make compromises and usually that’s with the storyline length and graphics. When I heard of this game by G5 I said I would treat myself give it a go and for despite the  price the quality and graphics make up for it.

I love watching shows like CSI and Law and Order and when I was younger loved playing them as computer games and this is the nearest thing you could get for an iPad. This is probably the first mystery role playing game that I just couldn’t put down I started playing one night and played until I fell asleep and couldn’t wait until I finished work the next day so I could crack the mystery.

I have been playing mystery games on my iOS devices for over two years and this was by far my favorite and I really wish they would make a sequel.

The App is $6.99 and I have found that buying games like this can add up so I try to ration how many I buy but this one is a definite must have.

To get this App and enter the murky criminal world go here.