App Review – String Augmented Reality.

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App Review – String Augmented Reality.

Today’s App Review is String Augmented Reality Showcase.

Augmented reality Apps are getting more and more popular. They are definitely a way to bring learning into the future. I have tried many different AR Apps but String is the one I keep going back to.

I was first introduced to String about 18 months ago in a room full of people the immediate reaction from the room were gasps of ‘wow’ and I think they were pretty justified. I love this App and the novelty factor has yet to ware off.

The App uses the camera on your iOS device to bring inanimate objects alive. All you need to do is print off an image from and then place that image in any settling you choose. Then turn on your camera and watch the picture come to life. This App is a major hit with kids but a lot of fun for adults to try out. It is not often that you get an animated dragon flying out at you or a little green alien walking alone your bedroom floor.

So try it out the App is free but does require that you print out some of the templates from the website. Believe me though it is worth the paper.

To get the App go here and have fun making their reality your reality.