App Review – Teacher Studio.

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App Review – Teacher Studio.

Time for another App Review and this time it is a Mac App. In the past I used Teacher Kit on my iPad for recording grades, attendance etc but really needed something on my Mac as well.

I couldn’t find an App that synched between Mac and iOS (well one that got good reviews) so decided to splash out on Teacher Studio by Lomation which admittedly was pricey at almost $50 but I have never looked back.
It allows you to store grades, attendance, lesson plans, timetables and notes.

When it comes to attendance I like the fact that it has a ‘tardy” option so you can clearly mark students for being in late which is a recurring problem in some of the early morning classes. There is also a line to write notes so if a student is late for a genuine reason you can make note of it.

Once a students details are added into the application that student can be added to a number of different classes. Within student settings you can store all contact info as well as emergency contacts and notes. You can also upload their photo which can be handy when grading assignments. Right now I have 7 Darrens in one class and believe me it does get confusing. In another class I have two students with the same first and last names!

The one feature I was a bit afraid of was how secure this application would be given all the details stored on it. I didn’t want someone just opening up my laptop and having a peek but don’t worry there is an option to add a password to it which obviously is a bonus feature.

The App can also generate reports of class performance and overall student performance. This is not a feature I have used to date but will be using it as I am grading over the next few weeks and look forward to seeing what kind of reports it produces.

So yes it is expensive but it works and until there is an iOS and Mac App this will be my go to App of choice for managing student activities.

To download it you can visit HERE

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