App Review – Templates for Keynote Pro.

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App Review – Templates for Keynote Pro.

Today’s App Review is Templates for Keynote Pro by Jan Heiermann.

I make keynotes daily averaging at least 15-20 different presentations per week and I have gotten to the stage where all the basic templates that come with the program (iOS and Mac) have been used to death. Power Point themes are no better and I prefer to use Keynote. There are options in that you can download themes or Mac Apps but these are usually really expensive and although trying many sources I never was impressed.  A couple of weeks back I discovered this App was free so gave it a go. I had tried other Apps but they were not user friendly and just didn’t work for me. From the moment I downloaded this App I absolutely loved it.

There are over 50 themes to choose from and they are beautifully designed. They are handsdown the best selection I have ever found and for a regular price of €4.49 it is beyond a bargain. The developer could easier charge ten times that and I would be happy (but please don’t!)

Each templates comes with different features for graphs, tables, pictures etc. Templates vary from fun to business based with my personal favorite being Rainbow theme so are suitable for everything type of presentation. The only complaint I can possibly have is that the developer hasn’t made a Mac version. I would definitely download one if there is as I do a lot of my Keynotes on my Mac. That aside though these iOS templates can be emailed so will also work on an App. I don’t know if that is what the developer was considering but the high quality converts perfectly.

So if you are someone who does make a lot of Keynotes and want. to liven them up a bit look no further than this amazing App.  If you want to download the App it is excellent value for money and can be found HERE.