App Review – The Room

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App Review – The Room

Todays App review is The Room by Fireproof games.

I had heard about this App a lot from friends and it always seemed to be staring at me when I opened the iTunes store and I am not sure I have ever seen an App with 50 thousand 5 star reviews so I decided I would have to try it out.

On first try I found it very difficult and lost patience and interest and handed the App over to friends who became instantly addicted and couldn’t put the App down for hours. Trying it again I can see why and realised I was too fast to judge. The App is a mix of creepy and brain wrenching. You are presented with a box and the aim is to open the box through a series of cryptic challenges. Once you open one box there is another and another and then wait for it another!

It is not a game you can play on the go as it is quite intense and requires a lot of concentration but it is a really well designed App with a very original concept. The app does cost €1.79 but is definitely worth it and I haven’t heard anyone complain about the cost.

To get the App you can download it from HERE