App Review – The Simpsons Tapped out

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App Review – The Simpsons Tapped out

Today’s App review is The Simpsons Tapped out by Electronic Arts.

I have been holding off on reviewing this App for quite a while but I think I have waited long enough to say that this App does not work anymore.

I first tried it in early November and although not a Simpsons fan I did enjoy the gameplay. However, a couple of weeks later there was an update and it no longer works. I have tried uninstalling/ reinstalling it and tried different devices but each one either crashes or takes a lifetime to load. It keeps saying it needs to download updates but doesn’t open.

I don’t get much time to play games and when I do I really don’t have time to hang around for updates so this App unfortunately gets a big 0 from me. I am still awaiting an update to fix whatever bug there is but from reviews it seems so too are most other players.

If you have the App already don’t update if not then try and wait for an update.

To download the App you can visit HERE