App Review – Tips for iPhone Tricks and Secrets.

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App Review – Tips for iPhone Tricks and Secrets.

Today’s App Review is Tips for iPhone Tricks and Secrets by 3ight LLC

I have been using iOS devices for years and just recently invested in an iPhone 5 so if you asked me if I knew all the inbuilt controls I would have said 100% yes without a doubt but oh was I wrong. I discovered this App last night and there were so many little tips that I never knew about.

I had no idea you could have SMS privacy or send multiple pictures. Seriously I really didn’t know and am feeling a little bit stupid now but there were more. The App has a many quick tips and you can favorite ones you like toe come back to later. I won’t reveal how many I favorited but I think it goes to show how useful the App is.

After trying similar Apps back when I was new to iPhones I didn’t ever find them much good but I guess since then there has been iOS 4 and iOS5 and iOS 6 and I have gone along thinking I knew everything.

The App is free so even if you think your a know it all like I thought I was just give it a quick go and download here.