App Review – Naked Trailers

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App Review – Naked Trailers

Today;s App Review is Naked Trailers by ReelzChannel

This App is great and one of my all time favorites and best of it is free. It contains trailers of movies that have been released as well as upcoming releases. It is a great time waster and I found myself sitting down flicking from trailer to trailer. Of course the same can be done with other Apps like IMDB and YouTube but in those cases you would have to know the movie you are looking for. In comparison this App is great in that you can easily stumble upon movies you would like to see.

It is really useful if your in the mood to watch a movie but aren’t sure which one. Or even if not a movie you can spend time watching the trailer. The App also hosts interviews with celebrities and movie cast and crew.

This is a great all in one entertainment App and the big attraction is that it is free.

You can download the app  here