App Review – TripIt

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App Review – TripIt

Today’s App Review is TripIt by TripIt. As a frequent traveller I am usually the one who does all the bookings and it is always difficult to keep track and find all those booking emails. Last summers holiday which consisted of three destinations, 5 flights, 3 different¬†accommodations, theatre tickets and more ended up in my creating a gigantic PDF document for my iPad which contained all the information and at that I still found myself flicking through the pages trying to find the information I needed.

This App does away with all that and all your information can be stored in one simple App. All you have to do is forward any booking emails to and the information is stored in the App. The App then lists the information along with times and locations and takes care of the paperwork nightmare. I have already entered all my plans for an upcoming trip and am feeling a lot more relaxed about not getting lost or missing plans now. My details included bookings from Delta and tripadvisor  and included 4 flights and the App had no issues with recognising either.

The App included social networking integration so you can also share your plans or make updates. There is also an alerts feature if you need reminders.

So if you are a frequent traveller or just off on the annual holiday look no further than this free App that can be downloaded from HERE