App Review – Tube Box

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App Review – Tube Box

Today’s App Review is Tube Box by App Bank Co.

I don’t really like YouTube Apps because I find the search feature slow and limited  and usually just go to for any videos but stumbled across this App and it is pretty cool.

I have always really liked the design of the iBook and iTunes U App shelves. Is there really any better way than to have your items laid out nice and tidy on a shelf (great job Apple!) This App is just like that. First you select the videos you want and the App downloads them and adds them to a shelf. It’s as easy as that and very fast and simple. The design is simple and clutter free and on first glance it looks just like something I would have expected Apple to design.  The only thing I would question is if this is against YouTube’s rules I think it may be because they don’t usually allow downloads so this App may not be around for long but it is good while it lasts and definitely a YouTube App I will use. I like having videos etc close to hand when needed during class and have gone to a lot of effort with my iBooks, iTunes U Apps and now I think Tube Box will definitely take place beside them.

You can also share videos on Facebook/ Twitter and reorder saved videos

You can download the App from HERE