App Review – Video Scribe HD

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App Review – Video Scribe HD

Todays App Review is Video Scribe HD by Sparkol

I discovered Video Scribe HD some time back and love the features in it as well as the style of the videos but the price of the desktop version always put me off. I kept putting off the 7 day trial but recently signed up for a movie and loved it. Problem is that the desktop version costs €15o per year and I can’t see myself using it enough to justify that. So after trying out the desktop version and loving it i figured I would chance paying €4.49 for the App version. I was more than a little surprised to discover that it includes all the features of the 7 day trial and I even found it a lot more user friendly. Some features such as changing the size of an image can be a slow to get right on the desktop version however can be done in seconds in the App.

I tried out a short project adding the same images and text and features and did a desktop and iPad version. The iPad version took me less than half the time to get right. Sometimes iPad versions of software fail but this one absolutely destroys the computer version and I will never be touching it again. This App was really meant for iPad.

The App allows you to post videos to social media or save a copy to your camera roll or Dropbox so the videos are easily accessible and not just stored online which I thought they might be.

So if you are looking for a different and found video creator definitely check out Video Scribe and look no further than the App which for a fraction of the cost does the same as the computer version and is a lot more user friendly.

To download the App you can visit HERE.