App Review – Video Time Machine.

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App Review – Video Time Machine.

Today’s App review is Video Time Machine by Original Victories Inc.

Video Time Machine is one of those Apps that you will try out and spend hours on and then forget about but use at some random moment like say at a party when someone asks what video was out in a certain year.

This App is line a catalogue of videos dating back to the 1800’s covering everything from music videos, movie trailers, news stories and more. I have often found myself googling what news story was big when I was born or what was the number one single well this App does all that for you, just put in your year and off you go it will link you to YouTube videos matching your selected era.

It is an App that I don’t use a whole lot but it is one that is always sitting there on my iPad if I need something to chill out with for a few minutes or I am talking about old movies with friends. I am sure the same thing could be done through YouTube searches but having this pre-selected database makes it easier for you.

This App is free and will bring back memories and provide hours of entertainment.

To get the App visit here.

As well as Video Time Machine, Original Victories have since launched Holiday Time Machine and also Political Time Machine if anyone wants to do research before next months elections.