App Review – VPN Express

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App Review – VPN Express

Today’s App Review is VPN Express by John Jiang.

There have always been Apps that I have read about and said ‘oh I’d love to try that’ then I go to download and I am faced by the ‘this App is not available in your country error’. It has been happening for years with a range of Apps from music Apps to web-browsers and videos.

VPN Express solves all those woes. The App is free and gives you 30 days free subscription. After there are options to upgrade.

I do love having this option available and there are not many VPN Apps out there and this one isn’t all that bad but I chose not to subscribe after the free period because I wasn’t using it as much as I thought it would and I found that the App seriously reduced video quality with constant buffering.

If your looking for a VPN App then this is really good and the biggest advantage is not being forced to pay up front. I decided it wasn’t for me but it may be just what your looking for.

The App can be downloaded from here.