App Review – YouTube App.

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App Review – YouTube App.

Today’s App Review is YouTube App by Google.

This App always came on iOS devices but the recent launch of the new iOS6 Operating System ended this feature as Apple removed what was previously a staple app.

I never used the App much…well at least I thought I didn’t but when it was gone I missed it and was glad that it was launched as an independent App.

YouTube App is one of the must have Apps for the classroom. I show a lot of videos and this is a lot easier if you have the Apps pre-saved to your YouTube account because there is always that time you can’t find the videos you had wanted to show.

One piece of advice for this App always save your videos to your YouTube account even if you are looking at them on a computer. It is always a lot easier to find them this way.

The only downside I found with the App is that it is for iPhone only so if you want it for the iPad you have to 2x it and that decreases the video quality. Why Google did that I don’t know but I am not impressed.

The App can be downloaded for free here.