Bangalore day 1

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Bangalore day 1

Arriving in Bangalore airport was a daunting experience for a lone traveler. Added to this was the fact that all passengers were scanned for swine flu. I kept my fingers crossed and thankfully the thermometer never beeped and I was cleared to go. Then I declared my customs and got my baggage. Heading out it was great to be greeted by a familiar face. Meeting only days before via facebook I was already in contact with Lydia so seeing her there was definitely good to settle my nerves.
After this we left and I was none too impressed when my baggage was put on the roof of the car. Passing cows, kids, dogs and old buildings it hit me I was not in Ireland anymore.

We arrived at the house and were greeted my Mrs Katary a women I would grow to like over the next few days but the initial experience was pretty scary. Then we were shown our room and told that we must come down for breakfast at 7.30am. It was now after 6 and all either of us had in our minds was sleep.

So we had breakfast and then the rest. We discovered the shower which was frightening how do you wash yourself never mind a head full of hair in a bucket? I would soon discover.

Next was a massive cooked Sunday diner. The last thing I wanted after no sleep but it was really good.

In the afternoon another volunteer Anita who had been there for a few weeks already kindly showed us around and helped us find an atm that worked. We then went to soul where we tried the Indian experience of hookah. It was pretty shocking seeing groups of teenagers in a place like that .  And although we coughed and spluttered during the process they were clearly all well trained.

In the afternoon we went to the beach to get food before finally heading off to sleep. The first night was pretty restless with dog fights and cows mooing at all hours but eventually we got some sleep.