Bangalore day 16

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Bangalore day 16

Monday August 17

Today we went for dinner with Asha (the coordinator) at AJ international hotel. The purpose of this dinner was for us to meet the new volunteers. The meal was lovely and a lot nicer than the place we were brought on our first day. After that we headed to commercial street as the new people all needed new clothes because like us on our first day they were told that their clothes were inappropriate.

The traffic was really bad and it took us over an hour and a half to get home. Yes I was sitting on the bar in the auto so couldn’t feel my feet or other parts after that length of time.

We just about made it back for dinner before heading off to buy Indian sweets. After two weeks we still had no tried them so we thought it might be the right time. Getting a kilo (120rupees) we tried one each before concluding that all they really tasted like was uncooked biscuits. That is all they really were just some raw dough. Not as nice as we had expected.