Bangalore day 17

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Bangalore day 17

Tuesday 18th August

Today I managed to work the phone in work for the first time. After trying and trying for the previous weeks it never ever worked it just talked to me. The other intern in his 4 weeks never figured it out either.

I had to contact DJ Rob acid for an interview. Contacting Rashita the person in charge of his Bangalore premiere I was told a phone interview would not be possible and an email interview was the only option. Sending her off the questions I avaited a reply but that was obiviously not going to happen so I had to search for information on the internet about him and write an article based on that. He is not that well known so this was challenging.

That night we faced the first of our rationed dinners at the katary house. For some reason she provided not nearly enough to feed 5 of us so we had to go hungry. Then we settled in for an early night at 8.30.

Apparently Mrs Katary was looking for us and did not believe we were asleep. The next day she wanted to know why we were asleep so early and what had made us so tired. Questions, questions, questions she is not happy if we go out, she is not happy if we stay in.