Bangalore day 3

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Bangalore day 3

August 4th

Today was another early start and to be honest I was none too enthusiastic about going to work after yesterday. However I was in for a pleasant surprise. The walk there was long and I was only told half way there that I would have to walk home alone – yea that was not going to happen.

Arriving there I got some work to do fairly fast – I had to do 5 short book reviews. Yes fun! But I had it done fast and got to go for lunch. During lunch the boss talked and told me he would show me around the city if I got lost he was interested which made me feel better.
Then after lunch some of the others welcomed me and invited me to join them for lunch and also told me to ask for help. This really did help.

Then I did some work and later had a very odd in-depth conversation about phones with some of the guys. Before I knew it it was time to go.

It was my first time to go home alone and I was pretty nervous but I hailed an auto all by myself and was in tippasandra before I knew it. Only problem was I was in the totally wrong side of tippasandra. Panicking a little I had to calm down and ask for directions. Eventually after wandering around for what seemed like hours I saw the old familiar Cadbury sign that marks the end of our road. I was so relieved to get my foot in the door of the villa.

Dinner of course was great as usual and after a first tiring day it was time to have an early night. The power went out so that wasn’t too hard to do.