Bangalore day 4

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Bangalore day 4

August 5th

Day 3 in the paper and was not very exciting. I asked for an article but was given the “but you don’t know the city response” so I just had to work on what I did know which was swine flu. Obviously this was relevant given the first death in the country.

After that was done there was no much to do but later on there were celebrations for International beer day and also a going away party.

Before I knew it it was time to leave and more confident of where I was going I made my way home. Yes this was indeed a challenge. There are in fact two forth crosses in the street and I went down the wrong one. What’s worse is that no one knew where I was meant to be. Asking for directions after directions I made my way there and was overjoyed to see the Cadbury sign but there was a guy on a bike following me that didn’t know the meaning of leave me alone. He followed me all the way down the road and almost to the villa. I walked faster and faster and eventually I think he got the message that I did actually know where i was going and left me alone.

Dinner was again really great lots and lots of food and then another early night. Because of it being a national holiday the other volunteers had the day off from school so were gone to Mysore for the day.