Bangalore day 5

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Bangalore day 5

6th August 2009

Today was a slow day at the office. Kavita (the editor) was running all over the place and really busy so it was after 3pm before me and John (the other intern) got our stories.

Due to the recent swine flu death I was to write about swine flu and had a two hour deadline. Having already written about swine flu the previous day I was familiar with the Indian situation but this was indeed a challenge. I had to call up doctors at home and doctors in Bangalore and compare the two countries. Bangalore was ok but as usual the HSE stood in my way when it came to Ireland.

Later that evening we went to see a jazz band that John had to review. It was a lovely place but certainly very pricey compared to places we had been so far. Drinks averaged 4.50euro so not much less than at home. All in all though it was a great night.

Getting home we decided to play monopoly. Yes Indian monopoly with autos and elephants and boats and for some reason a kitchen sink. Oddity aside it was a good experience.