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App Review – Moodle Apps

Today I am going to review three different Moodle Apps. The dreaded news came that the college is going to be using Moodle. I absolutely hate Moodle and have up until now used alternatives.  I hated it when I first used it as a student 6 years ago as and I still hate it but…
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App Review – String Augmented Reality.

Today’s App Review is String Augmented Reality Showcase. Augmented reality Apps are getting more and more popular. They are definitely a way to bring learning into the future. I have tried many different AR Apps but String is the one I keep going back to. I was first introduced to String about 18 months ago…
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iTunes U app review

App review iTunes U. At last weeks Apple Education Launch they focused on all things to do with e-learning. This of course meant that they finally gave some publicity to iTunes U. Although it launched back in 2007 and has thousands of free downloads available from big world renowned institutes such as Stanford iTunes U…
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