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App Review – Sign language Apps

Today I am going to be generous and give two Apps instead of one. As many who have used or even heard of iOS devices know accessibility is a major feature in them and especially functions like Siri that make communicating easier. I recently stumbled across two Apps which are similar and translate text/ voice…
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App Review – Vision Test

Today’s App Review is Vision Test by 3 Sided Cube This App gives you a quick eye test to measure your visual accuracy. Through a series of eye tests similar to what you would get at your optician the App tests your eyes and indicates any issues that may arise. Tests include checks for astigmatism,…
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App Review – Organ Donor

Today’s App Review is Organ Donor ECard by the Irish Kidney Association. This App isn’t exactly fun or educational or interactive or amusing but it is in my opinion a very important App. Many people carry organ donor cards so that when the time may come the paramedics or doctors know that they wish to…
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