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Everyone Can Create Logos

Inspired by the logo activity in Everyone Can Create: Drawing students created logos using Keynote. In learning about logo design students discussed colours and each choose three different colour palettes from Adobe Color. They were able to copy these colours into Keynote using the color picker tool in Keynote. Next up they discussed font types and…
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Everyone Can Create Geometric Animals

As a follow on from the hybrid animal activity I had the idea to create some geometric animals. Again students rose to the challenge. Just like with the hybrid animal challenge students used Keynote shapes. They traced around them by first lowering the opacity before filling them with colour. There were some great results.

Everyone Can Create Hybrid Animals

Students this year have been very interested in using shapes in Keynote and drawing in Keynote and so when I saw a tweet mentioning combining animal shapes I knew it was something we had to try. For this activity the idea is that students will combine two or more animal shapes in Keynote. They can…
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All about me in the classroom.

A few weeks back Apple launched the All About Me templates on the Apple Teacher Platform. The templates ask students to use the new shapes in Keynote to captures their favorite pastimes. These came at a perfect time just as my classes were starting but having students who were newbies to Keynote I waited a…
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