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Motion Blur Photography

In the past I would have always carried along my DSLR and taken motion blur shots on it but when I recently upgraded to an iPhone XR I was inspired by all the #shotoniphonexr shots and decided that I would focus on using my iPhone more than my DSLR because after all it is a…
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Photoball photography

A few months ago I saw ads pop up on social media for Lensball. At the time I didn’t know how good they would be and my summer adventures had just ended so I didn’t order but was later gifted a ball (unbranded) the ball I got was 30mm so one of the smaller sizes.…
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Everyone Can Create Environmental Awareness.

Environmental awareness has been an interest of mine for quite a while and over the summer I remembered some of the photography activities I did back in college. A really old blog post detailing my work as a student can be found here.  With this in mind and the launch of the Everyone Can Create…
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Everyone Can Create Photo Silhouettes

About a year ago we used the All About Me template from the Apple Teacher Platform to create some customised silhouettes filled with student’s hobbies and interests. You can find the old blog post from that activity here  Fast forward a year and thanks to Everyone Can Create we are now doing the same but…
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