Creating a learning game using Unity 3D.

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Creating a learning game using Unity 3D.

As a follow on from Learning Unity 3D and creating a simple 3D game, I went on to learn a lot more of the features in Unity and completed a second assignment which was to create a learning game.

For this second game, I decided to create a simple game whereby students could learn German through completing various different levels of the game. To begin with, I based the learning game in a virtual classroom whereby students would collect various items including colors, numbers and food items. When collecting the items, the game would play the name of the object in German.

In addition to this, there were two levels that took place outside of the classroom. The first level was based on an island which was the same island that featured in my previous game I just covered it in snow and the final level takes place in a supermarket.

Throughout the creation process, I did run into a few difficulties in particular with attaching sounds to items but again I found a lot of helpful tutorials on YouTube and there are also a lot of great free and premium assets that can be downloaded and imported into Unity that speeds up the process.

Below is the screencast of my final game.

UPDATE. Unity is software that I enjoyed using but after completing the MA never had an opportunity to use so I have since enrolled in some great Udemy courses that will help me to add to my Unity Skills. Two particularly interesting ones are

  1. Learn to Code by making games. 

2. Make VR games in Unity with C#