Everyone Can Create Environmental Awareness.

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Everyone Can Create Environmental Awareness.

Environmental awareness has been an interest of mine for quite a while and over the summer I remembered some of the photography activities I did back in college.

A really old blog post detailing my work as a student can be found here. 

With this in mind and the launch of the Everyone Can Create curriculum I decided it was time to integrate this into my classroom. I used this activity to highlight the city we live in whilst also using it as an introduction to photo editing with Snapseed App. 

First off I sent students on a mission to use their cameras to capture some photos from around the city and college. I didn’t specify types of photos or whether they should capture positive or negative pictures. This was one of their first experiences using the iPad camera so I was interested in what they would come back with.

Once they had their selection of photos I introduced them to some key features in Snapseed (filters, cropping, adding text) before allowing them some time to explore and create their own photos. Below are some of the results.

Before editing

After Editing