iBook Review – The Senses.

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iBook Review – The Senses.

It has been a while since I have done any reviews and to be honest between having new subjects this year and other stuff I just got caught up in work and neglected my blog.
This morning I was contacted by an iBook Author who wanted me to review their books.

The first one is The Senses by Imaxina Novas. Science or biology has never appealed to me so I was reluctant at first but from the moment I opened this iBook I was wowed by it’s features. The book explores the 5 senses which as we know are vision, hearing, touch, smell and taste. Through incredible interactive features the reader is transported in a magical world where you can explore how sight works with incredible animations as well as how the brain works and even test your own hearing in the hearing section. It only takes 60 pages to get through the book but with all the little hidden features it guarantees hours of fun.

As well as looking at the senses that humans have the book also explores the animal world and everyone knows how much I like animals so that was a definite seller for me.
My favorite pages were 8, 13 and 26 but I am not spoiling the surprises you will have to discover why yourself!

I would recommend this to all k12, primary and secondary teachers as well as parents. Although as an IT teacher I am far from either of those I really found this book to be a lot of fun and will be recommending it to everyone I know.

It can be purchased on the iBooks Store for $8.99 to find out more click HERE