iPhone Subtitle App Puts Captions In Users’ Hands

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iPhone Subtitle App Puts Captions In Users’ Hands

The first-ever iPhone subtitle application promises to give movie buffs the chance to receive subtitles directly to their phone for the movie/DVD of their choice. It’s a great solution until more cinemas provide subtitled movies and as the app develops, cinemas may use it as a low-budget captioning option.

This application is currently available for free through the Irish iTunes app store and can be downloaded onto any iPhone, iTouch or iPad.

When you first open the application you will see a search screen. On typing in your movie of choice – for example, the latest Shrek – you will have the choice of viewing the subtitles in several languages. This is great for all cinema-goers, but IDK is most interested in the English-language subtitles.

Once you open the subtitles, they will synchronise with the movie, or you can scroll through them at your own pace. Inside the cinema, the light settings on your phone can be adjusted to improve visibility.

A few things to remember if you are using this app in the cinema.
1 . Download the subtitles before seeing the movie as 3G/wifi is usually blocked from inside the cinema.
2 . Ask one of the cinema managers if it is ok to use the app. Just explain what it is, why you want to use it and if needed, show them how it works. IDK has only checked with one Dublin cinema and policies may vary.
3 . Sit in a good position in the cinema. One manager advised users to sit near the back of the cinema or in aisle seats. The subtitles are on a black background with grey font to cut glare and avoid distracting people nearby.

Already users are giving great reviews. One user said, “Thanks for this app! Now I can enjoy going to the movies again! I haven’t been to the cinema since X-Men 2.”

The app is still developing so there will be updates and improvements in time. While the app is currently available for the Apple products mentioned above, future versions may be available for Android & Blackberry products.

View the official website for this app (with link to the iTunes store for app)

(compiled by Miriam Walsh)

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