Logitech Crayon. Hands-on review.

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Logitech Crayon. Hands-on review.

When the Logitech Crayon was announced back in March I was excited to get my hands on it. I didn’t think it would take this long but it finally arrived.

I am a big fan of the Apple Pencil so was interested to see how this would compare.

Charging and syncing 

So this was a nice experience. The orange cap lifts off (but is still attached) so you can insert your lightning cable in to charge it. Interestingly there wasn’t a lightning cable included but sure if you have an iPad you will have one of those. I did like how you could just plug the cable directly into it like you do your devices or Beats whereas the Apple Pencil either has to be plugged into a device or charged via the lightning adaptor. The fact that the tip doesn’t pop off also means less likelihood of losing it (I am always afraid of losing the one from my Pencil)

Synching was simple. All I had to do was open up Notes/ Pages and my iPad responded to it.

The feel 

So the shape is the one thing that got me. It is quite a bit heavier but also doesn’t have the same rounded shape as the Apple Pencil. It reminds me more of the Paper 53 stylus I had a few years back. My initial reaction to this was ‘wow I don’t like it’ but within a couple of minutes, I got used to it.

The price

The price ended up being a lot steeper than I initially expected working out at £65 from Logitech or £60 from Apple. I had hoped somewhere around the £40-£50 mark. However, if you are a staff or a student at an institute you might like to take advantage of their 30% student discount which brings it in at £45 including delivery. You can get that discount here. 


While I think my own personal go-to stylus will be the Apple Pencil I  think the lack of having to synch the Crayon makes it the perfect classroom companion and I cannot wait to use mine.