Loopy Case – Review.

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Loopy Case – Review.

Loopy Case for iPhone 7 plus

When it comes to iPhone cases I am pretty difficult to please. I like protective covers but the also have to be light and well they can’t be ugly! Having had the snap-on hard back cases in the past I have avoided them since cracking the screen of my iPhone 5. When it came to my iPhone 6 I resorted to the full coverage 360 type covers and found them great so when I upgraded to an iPhone 7 plus late last year I automatically ordered the same type of covers.

Well….I don’t know what it is with them and the 7 plus but I cracked two covers in the space of two weeks so had to go shopping for something else. Looking for my typical light protective, stylish type cover I stumbled across Loopy cases and they had all that.  IThey were colorful and protective and the loop feature came with the promise of ‘no more drops’.  They were also originally funded through Kickstarter like a lot of great products. What more did I need? So I ordered one and waited. ….patiently!

Now the shipping did take a couple of weeks but I received updates from the Loopy team along the way. The case arrives in a nice little bag and came with a personalised note from the creators. It’s the little things that count!

When I first tried out the case I did wonder whether I would like it. The loop was a little further down that I would have liked so my first impressions were that this would never work but I was proved wrong. Less than 24 hours later and  I love my case. I don’t know how I ever did without it. It’s great for selfies, for out and about, it’s already received a lot of positive comments from others and they were right ‘no more drops’. Yep my phone hasn’t dropped and I find it’s also a lot more comfortable to hold.

I am definitely a Loopy case convert. I got the purple one but think I might have to get the turquoise one too now. When you pay out so much for a phone you don’t want cracked screens and with Loopy cases this is no longer a worry.

Oh and if you reached it this far they also sent me discount codes for friends. So if you are interested in getting a case and would like 15% off then drop me a tweet at @mircwalsh and I will send you the code.

Check out Loopycase for more info.

Loopy Cases | StoptheDrop™ from Loopy Cases on Vimeo.