New Simply Signing Initiative For Parents/Teachers

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New Simply Signing Initiative For Parents/Teachers

Simply Signing is inviting members to join its new “Now I Can Sign Programme” (NICSP), which is geared to parents and teachers.

The NICSP gives the skills to learn basic vocabulary in Irish sign language (ISL) such as “more” and “all gone”. These signs can be easily introduced to babies and children from as young as six months.

Self-expression and understanding between adult and child is encouraged, which contributes to the child’s own happiness and confidence. Research shows that early literacy skills benefit when movement is added to verbal and written communication.

The Simply Signing NICSP initiates signing in educational settings to support child development and benefit children learning signs as a second language.

Signing in the early years can support literacy skills and ease a toddler’s transition into speaking. Signs can be built into fun activities in classrooms, including music time. Above all, this programme helps to ensure social inclusion and support diversity in classrooms.

Members receive a 25% discount on Simply Signing products, a “start signing” package, a website listing for their childcare facility and more.

The crèche/school package includes reference guides of signs, posters, books and printable material. There is also the option of purchasing an individual package, for parents and individuals working with small groups.

For more details, contact Simply Signing by mailing or calling 01-8971254.

(compiled by Miriam Walsh)