Photography Assignment 3

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Photography Assignment 3

picture-1-edited1A scene in the middle of a wooded area shows many discarded items including a tyre, a shopping trolley, an umbrella and a ramp. Over time these items have become part of the scenery. The greenery has extended and camouflaged the tyre. The trolly has rusted and taken on the colour of the burnt bushes that surround it. This scene shows how discarded objects can over time become part of the scenery. 


This shot was taken at the other side of the bridge to the above shot. If you look closely the shopping trolley has a shoe and tesco shopping bag attached. Every year tesco spends over 30,000 euro replacing shopping trolleys that have been lost in situations like this. 


This is a picture of a traffic cone dumped in marshland next to a housing estate in the centre of a town. In the background you can see cranes involved in construction and more interestingly a church. This is interesting because the spire of the church is just behind the tip of the cone and at the same angle. 


A different location but still the same feature. This picture is similar to the above in that it shows a dumped in what would otherwise be a very scenic area. This was taken later in the day and so the dark shadows of the bushes can be seen in the water along with the water.