Restaurant review

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Restaurant review

High Note

100 feet road, HAL 2nd Stage, Indiranagar, Bangalore

As a European living in India for a month the culture is certainly a lot different. The traffic, the food, the people and the traditions.

Suddenly you go from English, American and Italian delicacies to eating rice at every meal. High note restaurant offers a sweet alternative to this.

Finding the place in our last week as volunteers we were greeted with a menu full of Italian and European foods such as pasta, fish and chips and steak.

This was the first occasion for many of us since arriving earlier in the month to eat chips, beef and fish.While High Note does offer the Indian choice it also offers a variety of other food genres from noodles to curry.

Drinks -The drinks menu at High Note offers a great choice from wines, soda, cocktails or even mock tails. We decided to go for three sweet lime sodas’s which were a great prelude to our meals.

Starters-For starters we ordered a selection of stuffed mushrooms and assorted potatoes. While the quantities cater for these starters being shared it is possible to work up enough of an appetite to eat one alone.

The potatoes in the basket gave a great variety from crispy fried chips, to spicy potato wedges and even traditional English hash browns.

The mushrooms were soft and nicely fried and came with a chili dip that added an extra kick to the taste.

Main course-For main course we settled for two pasta dishes as well as a steak and chips.

The chicken and mushroom pasta was light and creamy providing a rich taste to our pallets.The cheese covered steak was nicely browned and the portion size was just enough to satisfy the average diner.

Desert -While desert selections included cooked pineapple with ice-cream, date wontons and ice-cream we decided that a chocolate fix was just what we needed to finish of the perfect meal. Provided in individual bowls the chocolate moose was rich and creamy with a nice liqueur aftertaste. With a cherry on top the chocolate went down perfectly and left us with a sweet taste in our mouth to end the perfect evening

Service -Arriving 30 minutes before opening time we were cautious about the service. Would they be angry? Would the place even be open? The waiter kindly agreed to let us sit and have drinks while looking at the menu. Once we had decided he took our order for starters and assured us that as soon as business began at 7pm our order would be the first.

The same friendly service continued throughout the meal as the waiters did all they possibly could to ensure that we were having a good night. The friendliness was not overpowering and we still felt we had privacy in our corner booth.

Atmosphere-The atmosphere in High Note is relaxed with a candle lit dinner in a room that overlooks 100 foot road. The restaurant is not themed for any culture and so it is very possible to sit back and enjoy your food whilst pretending you are dining in Italy, Ireland, France or any other country of your choice.

The waiters were helpful and the music was low enough so as to provide a soothing atmosphere over a loud distracting one.

Overall the experience was perfect and an excellent end to a four week stay in Bangalore giving us familiar food with the choice to also eat Indian if we so wished.