Saw VI

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Saw VI

4 stars



“This Halloween, his disease is still spreading. The game goes full circle”


In the latest of the Saw series we see some old characters return and also some fresh new faces as they all battle it out against the game to see who can survive. Unlike the previous saw this time we get more story and less gore which is definitely a benefit as we really see the story and the background develop more.

After the death of Jig saw his wife is left a box in his will. The box reveals his final 6 victims and it her job to follow his wishes. As the targeted ones are rounded up we see that this time the main victim of this cruel game is a health insurance broker. In the past he has destroyed peoples lives by refusing payouts. This has resulted in deaths of many including jig saw himself.

He has 60 minutes to live. In this time he has decisions to make all of which see him having other peoples lives in his hands. Who will live and who will die? The highlight of this is definitely the death carosel where he has to choose to kill 4 out of the 6 on his work team. The decision seems too but it is amazing to see how people crack under pressure and do anything to stay alive.

After the 60 minutes is up he escapes and there is a twist to the story. Has his won his game or was it even his own game to win?

With mediocre prerformances by the cast it doesn’t matter. In the end this is a saw movie and good or bad it will still reel in viewers who have seen the five previous ones. The storyline is perhaps the strongest yet and the twist is also well worth it.

It goes without saying that you should never see a saw movie without seeing the previous ones and the same applies here. With flashbacks throughout it could be easy for a newcomer to get lost so I would suggest catching up with previous ones beforehand.

Overall verdict: Definitely one of the better horrors this halloween.


Death carosel