The EdTech Portal

A blog by @mircwalsh

The EDtech Portal was established in 2016 as part of a project I was completing for my MA in E-Learning Design and Development at CIT.
The aim of this project was to create e-learning content and so I created a platform which features free learning courses for teachers. Course content ranges from getting started with coding in the classroom to getting started with digital assessments.
Upon completion of each course,  the teacher will be rewarded with a certificate. There are also opportunities to engage with other teachers through the inbuilt forum on the platform.

To get started with The EDtech Portal you can visit the site here or sign up for each of the courses below.

1. Authoring digital books. 
2. Creating a class blog
3. Using social media in the classroom
4. Getting started with digital assessments
5. Creating e-portfolios with your class
6. Mobile film-making
7. Getting started with Virtual Reality 
8. Coding in the classroom