The impact of #magicmovechallenge on my classroom

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The impact of #magicmovechallenge on my classroom

The #magicmovechallenge was born on Twitter earlier this year and created by @mcoutts81 and @theipodteacher.

The #magicmovechallenge is based around the magic move feature in Keynote and users usually use it combined with shapes to create an animation.

I initially I stayed away from the challenge. This was a combination of my being to busy with classroom life and the fact that I had somehow developed a fear of magic move in Keynote because some people were so good and I was not!

I took up the challenge over February mid-term and after enjoying it and finding my confidence grew I was thinking of introducing it in my classroom. Little did I realise that some students had followed the challenge over mid-term as well as when we went back asked if they could take part.

The great thing about the challenge is that when students posted their animations @mcoutts81 and @theipodteacher were there to offer feedback and direction. Having teachers and students from all the world interact with your students is too good an opportunity to pass up.

Below are a few of my favorite student creations.