App Review – Cards.

Today’s App Review is Cards by Apple. With Mother’s Day tomorrow I decided to try out a cards App and after trying quite a few terrible ones (which shall remain unnamed) I stumbled across Cards by Apple. First thing before I go further is how did I never know that Apple have a Cards App? The App is pretty cool and the Cards created will be send in traditional printed form rather than email or social media. The templates are nothing too flashy but you can add in your own images from your camera roll or take some new ones and add text. When it comes to adding text the one difficult I had was that the keyboard was over the area with the text so I couldn’t see the letters I was typing and ended up having to retype due to errors.

Unlike other free Apps the selection of template isn’t limited to a small set with others being available through in-app purchases. Instead there is a large selection. Each card can be customised both inside and outside and a customised envelop. Each card costs €4.49 for Apple print off and  to send out once completed which is a bit pricey given all the euro shops we have around these days hat you can get cards from but those cards aren’t customised and having seen the quality of Apples customised calendars I would imagine these cards to be of the same high quality.

So if you have a big birthday or occasion coming up or maybe you just want to say thank you then  why not consider Apples Cards App which can be downloaded for free from HERE.


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