Everyone Can Code 🇿🇦

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Everyone Can Code 🇿🇦

A couple of weeks ago I was invited by South African reseller Think Ahead to present at their Coding Summit in Johannesburg. Surprised by the invite I was making all kinds of excuses not to go but in the end it was too good not go.

The support I received from Think Ahead in the lead up to the event was incredible. They were great at checking in throughout the process and offering advise and assistance. At the end I was lucky to present to about 100 educators from across 🇿🇦. I really enjoyed sharing my experiences and hearing their stories. My favourite part of the day was when I got to see them prototype some apps they would like to create. Some of the imaginations and ideas were amazing and I can’t wait to see if they create them one day.

I was lucky to be able to explore 🇿🇦 a bit after the event and I think I left a little bit of my ❤ behind in that beautiful country. The food was so fresh and tasty, the scenery breath taking and the people were so friendly. I didn’t have long there but am determined to make it back there one day. Until them I am grateful to Think Ahead for giving me the opportunity to share my stories with their educators.

You can find a recap of the event here.