The Colour Factory NY Experience

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The Colour Factory NY Experience

It isn’t news to many that I travel a lot mostly for work but sometimes I get a few days to do my own thing. An annual trip to New York has become part of my summer routine. I have done all the typical tourist experiences and just like to escape the craziness of Times Square.
This year when researching unusual things to do I came about The Colour Factory. Their website looks cool but I was totally unprepared for how amazing the experience would actually be.

Tickets cost $40 each and need to be booked in advance as they don’t sell at the door. When you go in you are asked to choose a complimentary Mochi. I had no idea what mochi even was but I need more!

Once inside you are taken from room to room where you touch, smell, taste different colours and experience different challenges and learn more about your favourite colours.
If Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory was real this would be it!

One of the main perks for me was that even as a lone traveller I was able to get photos of my experience emailed to me via their in room photo booths so I didn’t miss out.

The activity I enjoyed the most was where I was paired with a total stranger and we were asked to analysis each others favourite colours and draw a portrait of each other. This was so out of my comfort zone that I just laughed my way through it and so did she. I have since created a template to do a similar activity with students.

One thing that I found fascinating and really cool was that each room seemed to feature a product or activity from a local business. This seems like a great way of advertising and supporting local companies. I know I will definitely be sourcing some mochi from but also wonderful macarons from Mille Feuille NYC.

After you finishing your tour (believe me you don’t want to leave!) you get a map with other locations to visit in the area including a place where you can get a colourful manicure, an art vending machine and lots more.