Activity 18/19: Theory of connectivism and its critics

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Activity 18/19: Theory of connectivism and its critics

Take the description of the short course on digital skills that you developed in Week 8 and recast it, so that it adopts a highly connectivist approach. Or, if you prefer, you could take this ‘Open education’ block as an example and recast it in a more connectivist model, or another course you have familiarity with. You should take each of the principles set out above and state how they are realised in your course, either as a general principle or by giving an example activity.

I found (and still find) the idea of connectivism quite complicated. Essentially I believe it is just putting a name to something i already do because I don’t really teach in the traditional sense so it would already apply to all my courses which are created with the idea of leading on to further learning.

The course I explored in week 8 had 5 sections.

1. Photo-editing

2. Video-editing

3. Social Media Marketing

4. Mobile Marketing with QR Codes and Augmented Reality

5. iBooks Authoring.

Below is a more details description of my course it describes how each topic can be used after it is initially taught. Each topic is also connected. For example a learner can later set up a digital marketing campaign and use the skills they learnt in photo editing to create some advertising, use those same skills to edit photos in preparation for the video-editing section and again in the iBooks author section. The digital marketing skills can be used to market the iBook.

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