App Review – Amazon Marketplace

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App Review – Amazon Marketplace

Today’s App Review is Amazon Marketplace by Amazon.

This App has the potential to be very good and in a way it is great if you have no idea what you are looking for an just want to window shop but the search function isn’t that fantastic and I often find myseld being led in an entirely different direction than I want to be.

Overall I found that the regular Amazon shopping App works a lot better for what I need which is generaly when I am in a shop and want to check if the electronic or DVD deal of the day is really a deal or if I can do better but other than that neither App are as good as the desktop versions.

Another disadvantage to this App is that your bank account can receive an unexpected blow when you see something you think you need but you really don’t but of course this can be said of all shopping Apps.

The App is free so can’t hurt to try it out. Personally it is not for me but it is worth a look around.

To download the App visit here