App Review – Barefoot World Atlas.

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App Review – Barefoot World Atlas.

Today’s App Review is Barefoot World Atlas by Touch Press.

All I can say about this App is one word. WOW! Never have Atlases been so fun. I never had many happy memories about World Atlases and actually relied on the old computer game ‘Where in the World is Carmen Sandiago’ to get me around the world.

This App is incredible. You can travel around the world and find up to date information about any country you want from animals to sports, history and more.

Each feature is either illustrated with amazing pictures or animations and the App is also narrated by geographer Nick Crane. There are also text titles.

One feature I really like (well I like it all but one in particular) is that you can receive realtime information. So I can for example find out the current time and weather for Mexico or wherever in the world I want and I can also find how far the distance to there is from my current location. The App is also available in French, Spanish and Catalan so is not limited to English speakers which is important for an App like this.

The touch features make this App so much fun you can spin the globe, touch the screen and interact with the App. A massive improvement on the traditional paperback Atlases so many of us grew up with.

The only downside to this App and I have to consider it a downside is that because the features are so amazing and the quality of the images and features is so good the result is that the App is a massive 1.65gb in size which means if say you have a 16gb device that is limiting your space otherwise. That being said it is worth the space especially if you have kids. In a classroom situation I would consider it a must have on any iOS device. It is one of the best learning Apps I have come across and although I won’t be using it with kids I have downloaded it for personal use and find it to be really worth the 4.49 it costs and the gb space requirment.

To get the App you can download it from HERE