App Review – Gemini for Mac

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App Review – Gemini for Mac

Today’s App Review is Gemini by MacPaw

I have decided to do another Mac App review. Gemini is an App I have been using for a few months now and I have nothing but praise. If your anything like me and have multiple copies of files then find yourself running out of space on your Mac then I would definitely recommend this App.

Gemini scans you laptop and locates any file duplicates you may have. It organises these duplicates giving you the locations so you can find the files yourself or else you can choose to delete them within the App. The App makes the whole process very fast and has cool animations which actually make the organisational process fun which I never thought could be possible.

The only downside I would find is that if you have photos in a folder and photos in your iPhoto it counts them as duplicates. Technically they are but I found myself accidentally deleting from my iPhoto.

The App costs 8.99 but is a massive timesaver. You can download it here.