App Review – Guinness World Records Augmented Reality.

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App Review – Guinness World Records Augmented Reality.

Today’s App Review is Guinness World Records 2013 Augmented Reality by Guinness World Records

Everyone single Christmas for as long as I can remember someone in the family has received a copy of that years Guinness World Records. When we were younger we used to always fight over who could get a first look at the book but in recent years the novelty has worn off. There are only so many records of people with piercings or longest nails are barbie doll collections that you can take before it just gets boring.

This year however I am looking forward to it due to this pretty cool App. I have already managed a sneak peek of the book using this App and being a big fan of augmented reality I was impressed. Watching the pictures come to life is pretty cool and I think really brings the book itself back to one which people will actually want.

The only downside is that you do need the book but given that the App is free if you are one of those families always landed with a book then try it out. If not then book into a bookstore, grab a copy of the book, find a corner and off you go.

To download the App visit HERE.