App Review – Haiku Deck

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App Review – Haiku Deck

Today’s App Review is Haiku Deck by Giant Thinkwell. When it comes to making presentations I have only ever used Microsoft Powerpoint or Apple’s Keynote with Keynote being my preference. I figure Keynote works so why change something that isn’t broken. I important animations and videos and may use Apps like Animoto or Video Scribe to liven them up but Keynote is always my template so when discovering Haiku Deck I wasn’t sure if it was something I would try and have or try and use after.
I have to say for a free App I am very impressed there are so many visual and text options available and I kept expecting a ‘to use this function you can purchase an in-app….” pop-up to appear but it didn’t. There were some themes that can be bought in bundle for €1.79 which I got to add some different options for myself. What I like is the simplicity of it. A picture says a thousand words and with Haiku Deck you can add backdrops from the in-app selection or choose from photos on your iPad or from your Social Media sites.

There are occasions where Haiku Deck is lacking the functionality when it comes to graphs that I get from Keynote but I am definitely going to use it for presentations and it will be a nice switch between for both me and my students who I am sure get tired after seeing hundreds of keynotes.

Once completed you can export the Haiku Deck to PDF, Powerpoint or Keynote as well as sharing via Social Media or Email and you can also embed it in a website. This accessibility to share is fantastic and leaps above what other presentation Apps offer.

Keynote will still be my default presentation creator but this App is definitely one to consider if you do a lot of presentations and are looking for something a little bit different. I will definitely be using it. It can be downloaded from HERE.

Meet Haiku Deck from adam tratt on Vimeo.