App Review – iBooks App

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App Review – iBooks App

iBooks comes installed on all new iOS devices and most people dismiss it figuring it is just for reading books but it’s not.

Since last years update now you can use iBooks for PDFs and you can save them directly to the App from a mail message. What I do these days is email myself documents and save them to iBooks.  Who needs a USB!!

They appear under a PDF section which is a separate section to the book shelf. I use this mainly for FETAC module descriptors. Another advantage of iBooks is that you can book mark and highlight pages. This also works in PDFs. The point of all this being that you don’t just have to buy books from Apple to be able to use this App it is a good FREE storage App for documents.

What I recently discovered and can’t believe it was only recently is that you can add PDFs to folders as you would Apps. Genius! To Think I didn’t realise that before is incredibly. It is a very handy feature.

The App can be downloaded from here.