App Review – iLoader2

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App Review – iLoader2

Today’s App review is iLoader 2 .

One of the things that annoys me most about using Facebook on iOS devices is the inability to upload an album full of photos. There is the option to upload several pictures at once but it is next to impossible to pick and choose which ones and is very slow.

When travelling this summer I left my laptop at home and relied on my iPad the only fail was sharing pictures on one occasion I uploaded my pictures onto my iPad and after failed attempts at uploading to facebook I ended up syncing my pictures to my mac and uploading that way.

Upon discovering iLoader 2 things have become a lot easier. You just select the images and let it do it’s job. As an added bonus you can edit photos within the App. You can do everything from basic crops and rotates to adding stickers and ¬†frames.

There are two versions of this App a paid and a free but the free works fine what what I need.

To download it go here