App Review – iMashup

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App Review – iMashup

Today’s App Review is iMashup by Mixed in Key.

I don’t think anything can really beat Garageband in music creation Apps but the draw back to that is it is pretty expensive and often something that turns people off getting it. iMashup is probably the next best App I have used. If you have ever wanted to mix pop with rock or classical with hip hop then this is the App for you.

For just 2.69 you can add two songs together and adjust the audio levels and mix as you go. Without the experience of a DJ you can be your own DJ. This App gives you incredible control over the audio and allows you to experiment with tunes and affects. I had a lot of fun creating cool mixes with this App and would definitely recommend trying it out.

So if you always say that you want to be a composer when you grow up then why not download it HERE.