App Review – iStopMotion

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App Review – iStopMotion

Today’s App Review is iStopMotion by Boinx Software.

I have always loved StopMotion animations ever since seeing them as a kid back in the days of Bosco. In recent years claymations have made a come back and I have been as interested as ever but really haven’t known where to start in creating one.

This App is fantastic and works so easily I wish I had found it sooner. All you need to do is create your character, record scene snips and the App does the rest for you. There is instant playback and other special effects.

A bonus of the App is the fact that you can share your animation with users from all over the world as well as view theirs. I can imagine how much fun this App would be for kids as well as a great resource for classroom creations.

So grab yourself some clay or playdoh and download the App HERE and off you go you can be a big time director in no time.